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I haven't always made the best decisions in life and one decision in particular put me in a predicament where I thought there wasn't any possibility of ever being able to turn it around! This was one of the hardest times in my life, but during it, I realised my passion to help people and felt deep down that I really wanted to follow this. It was not easy, as I was in a place where I could not see how I could possibly progress forward. My mentor at the time empowered me to really look at my reason why I had this passion. I had never thought about things so deeply, but my they gave me a new outlook on my life. Once I realised my why, I began to plan my how. The road in front of me was very hard, but at each step, I felt a sense of success and achievement. I have since worked for successful companies and organisations across London and the West Midlands. I want you to understand that it is never too late to unearth your passion and find your why. I will take the time to focus on you and your goals. I will empower you to unearth your inner passion and turn those goals in to results. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

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